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Russell Harverson, The Merchant Processing GuruWho is The Merchant Processing Guru? First of all my name is Russell Harverson, I have been working in this industry for over 9 years now as an independent & have acquired extensive knowledge & experience during this time. I use this knowledge to help all of those I work with achieve the best results possible when accepting credit cards as a form of payment from their customers.

It is widely known today, that any business, whose primary business is dealing with the end consumer, must accept credit cards! It is for many a “necessary evil”. I work tirelessly to turn this negative experience, into a more positive one. I not only set up a merchant account for my people but I am always available, should you need my assistance. This way you don’t just have a customer service 800# with a stranger on the other end of the line, you have me to assist you in resolving anything that needs more than just a simple call.

My goal with this blog is to educate you about this industry and merchant services. There is so much that is not widely known to so many that I feel a responsibility to share what I know to be true about this industry. After reading my blogs & talking with me you will be more equipped than most people who work in this industry, you will also be able to make a more educated decision on what is right for your business & its processing needs. It is not just about a rate, it goes much deeper than that and to find out more you will have to read my blog posts. Also feel free to call to ask me any questions. I look forward to speaking with you and to the possibility of earning your business.

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2 Responses to About me

  1. Elaine Chen says:

    Hi Russell,

    We are trying to do a company wide yard sale. Could you help me understand how we can process the credit card payment in a PCI compliant manner? We need to pull a telephone line to the sale location, does a regular analog line going through our PBX system acceptable?


  2. admin says:

    The length of the phone line does not determine PCI compliance, there are so many things that determine that so I cannot tell you if you are PCI compliant at this time. There are 12 requirements that are set out by the PCI Security Standards Council that need to be met for you to be compliant. Here is a link to my past articles about PCI compliance and you can expect more articles soon with updates in the topic: https://www.themerchantprocessingguru.com/?cat=127