The Merchant Processing Guru Tip#12: Credit Card Processing with Mobile Solutions.

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The Merchant Processing Guru Tip#12: Credit Card Processing with Mobile Solutions. If your business is mobile or your have mobile reps out in the field and you want to or already accept credit cards for payment, you may want to read this post and consider your options for “processing on the go”.

Firstly, it is important know that there are many mobile options and choosing the right one for your business is sometimes not all that easy. Here is a list of the major mobile options that you can look at:

• Wireless Terminal
• “Dial pay” with manual imprinter
• iPhone app.
• Virtual Terminal with a Mobile computer

The wireless terminal option: This is the most prestigious of these options but can be costly to purchase. Some processors may give you a wireless terminal for “free” but be careful, nothing is free in this life. This is a costly device no matter how you look at it and a processor will have to recoup his investment somewhere.

The history of wireless processing units has been rocky at best. Wireless service providers have come and gone like the seasons and financing companies are still very wary to lease these machines as a result of being burnt due to service being cut to these devices in the past. Today, most of the service providers that have remained are well established as they have stood the test of time and are here to stay… I still suggest being careful who you use though. Also, you want to be careful which network you choose for your wireless service as well as the wireless terminal itself, there are some out there that just don’t work well and your service will be very splotchy. Try to get a terminal and wireless service from a company that has had good experience with the system and service in most parts of the country or at least in a major metropolitan area. I will have more about wireless terminals in my next post.

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