No Obligation Analysis

Get a NO Obligation analysis of your merchant statement from the Guru!

$199.00 $100.00 off for a limited time Now only $99.00*

No Obligation Analysis*100% refundable should you decide to switch your account to the Guru. (See details)

Do you have trouble deciphering your merchant statement each month? Not sure if you really want to switch processors AGAIN right now? Find out exactly what you are paying on your merchant account and what each item is, with a complete analysis from the Guru of merchant services and be better informed so you don’t fall for another smooth talking sales rep again.

• Includes analysis of one recent merchant statement and a 15 minute phone consultation to explain the analysis and what each item is that you are paying for on your merchant account.

• Some merchant statements do not provide all the detail required to give a 100% accurate analysis so in those cases a best effort will be made to provide you with as accurate as possible analysis and we will give you an estimated margin of error.

• If you switch your services to the Merchant Processing Guru within 1 year of your analysis date we will refund the full amount you paid for your no obligation analysis.

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