Ecommerce Processing Solutions

EcommerceTo sell products online today, not only do you need to build a website and host it which costs $30 – $45 per month, but you need to pay for a shopping cart which typically runs anywhere from $30.00 – $100.00 per month

Then you need to find a compatible gateway to link to a credit card processing solution which typically runs about $20 – $45 per moth for the gateway and an additional $15 – $75 per month for the merchant account monthly fees alone.

You will easily reach a cost of $95.00 – $265.00 per month before you have even sold any products.

The Guru has a simpler, more cost effective e-commerce solution that not only lowers your monthly costs but is compatible with just about every website out there. It combines the shopping cart and gateway solution into one, with one low monthly price for your gateway and shopping cart of just $25.00 per month saving you anywhere from $40 – $200 per month.

That’s not all! This also includes the monthly fees for your merchant account and competes even with PayPal Pro, which costs $30.00 per month.

Contact us today for details and to get set up with your complete ecommerce solution for one low monthly price!

Already have an ecommerce solution set up that you can’t change? No problem, we can still save you a bundle on your processing fees and integrate with your website and shopping cart using any number of gateways. We work with and all the major gateways for integration ease and always work with you to find the best solutions for your business.

Contact us to reduce your ecommerce processing costs today!

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