6 Responses to The Merchant Processing Guru Tip# 21: Direct processing with Visa Myth.

  1. Nice description, clear and concise!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Jim, thanks for your feedback! It is very valuable. I am glad to hear that.

  3. Great article Russell. I have come into contact with the merchant account reps and from what I gather, based on your article, is that it’s not that they are saving you money, but more like offering you customer service. Is that what you should be looking for when dealing with these reps?

  4. admin says:

    Hi B, thanks for your great question! Rates & service are the two biggest things that are such variables in this industry. The question is, which is more elusive??? 😉 I always focus on both but when you encounter other reps it is hard to decipher whether they are spinning a great sounding story or actually have your best interests in mind. This industry has such a bad name because unfortunately the former has been true far too often. I believe in full disclosure and that is what I focus on in my articles. I believe that this way I will attract people who don’t want to be deceived any longer and can finally find a home with me where they don’t have to guess as to whether they are getting a fair shake and they get the service they are looking for.

  5. Linda Hughes says:

    Truth in advertising – too bad they don’t have “including 1/2 truths in advertising” . I am glad to read your response to B’s comments – full disclosure and no more deception. I believe that this attitude will get you much further along in business than the 1/2 truths.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks Linda!!!

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