Useful Links

Here are some links to some companies who’s services I highly recommend:

Boulder Business Advisors CPA, PC – James really understands business and I highly recommend him for all your accounting needs, CFO work and general sound business advice. He understands business in and out and can give you very sound & practical advice.

Easytrack Payroll
Easytrack Payroll – A small business needs a small business payroll company, not some “huge national take a number and maybe we’ll call you back when we get to your number” Payroll company! Easytrack Payroll is the most streamlined, sophisticated “know what they are doing”  payroll company that I have seen. They customize their online dashboard to you and your business needs, they have available and responsive phone support and they do everything the right way so you not only get your payroll done right every time but if anything comes up and you need them they are there and don’t nickel and dime you for anything. If you are a small business with employees you have got to give them a call, no two ways about it!

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